Rainbow Soap Cubes Specialty Soap

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Rainbow soap is made from six different colors of soap poured from separate corners in a pattern and then spun on a lazy suzanne, stopped suddenly and let gravity do its thang! This is done again and again until you get the pattern you want.  It's a lot of fun but it is also a lot of work too. I did two types of pans, one was a loaf pan and one was a square pan.  From the square pan, I cut cubes so you got pretty much equal sides of  colors but no cubes are alike it is CRAZY!!! Soap is scented with Passion Fruit Papaya and Camilia Cybilla.  Cubes come in two sizes 3.5 oz. and 2.8 oz some are a little less(if small you get 2) and some are a little more Contains No Palm Oil.

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