The Nature Of Soap "For Him & For Her"

About Us

The Nature of Soap started about three years ago as a hobby and quickly turned into a real business in 2016. Since then we have grown and turned the business to both online and we have soap in several shops in our local town of Middleburg, Florida. We believe our soap is one of the best soaps in quality and natural ingredients on the market.  We use natural oils of the best quality, essential oils and oil blends, and we color our soaps with natural powders, clays and purees. We have even developed a way to make citrus soap with 100% of the liquid being real lemons and oranges from Florida. Our soaps are so fragrant and look so good they belong on display and not just in your bathroom but all over your home. You should have these soaps out and decorating your house. Your home will smell good, ours always does, and you can always find a bar of soap when you need one!. Pair it with your silver or china for an elegant look or use an everyday vase or cookware for a easy comfortable look, you just can't go wrong. A dish filled with soaps anywhere in your home will fill the room with fragrance, and decorated soap is always a conversation piece! So get that soap and put it out! Make your house smell as good as it looks!