“Red Lobster” Overpriced Fast “Slow” Seafood!

Tonight me and my daughters and their children took my mother out to Red Lobster for her 78th birthday. I remember the days when it was the restaurant to go to for good seafood at a reasonable price. Now it’s the fair seafood that is way overpriced! I got a combination platter where you got to choose two of the entrees. I chose shrimp and scallops. The scallops were an extra $2.49 even though they were a regular choice and they were not an upgrade from small bay scallops. I was told these were huge scallops. What I got was a good amount of shrimp, and 4 quarter size scallops a 1/4 to 3/8 inches thick? Really? Huge? Has Red Lobster ever seen a real scallop before, and a serving of scallops generally is 6 not 4, especially when they are so small! Now what gets me is the meal was $19.00 plus $2.49 for the huge scallops that were with one side and no salad and of course the drink extra. My oldest daughter sat next to me, and got a combination meal also, but she got two sides with hers? No consistency!

We sat at a long booth table, my mom is in a wheelchair and I have problems walking and use a crutch. Now how inconsiderate is that to put disabled people in a booth instead of at a table were we could have wheeled my mother up to the table instead of getting her out of the chair and putting her in the booth and making me scoot a crutch halfway under a table so it isn’t a tripping hazard but making it uncomfortable for me and my daughter to sit. Once they saw the trouble we were having trying to get into the sitting arrangements, they offered to move us, but it was too late we had moved my mother already, and it would have caused another pain in the rear, if you know what I mean, and they just didn’t have a clue! mom78thbirthday

One of my granddaughters has type one diabetes and cannot have bread. She asked for a garden salad with no toppings on it. Now I would take no toppings means no crutons, right? Not according to Red Lobster. It meant no cheese or cherry tomatoes, but yes on the crutons? Reason that one out for me, please!

When you pay $25.00 to $45.00 for your meal, you would think you would be served promptly, courtesy, the staff would be considerate of disabilities, you would not be charged extra for something on the menu that is not up to standards to even be on the menu let alone be considered a premium item, your table would never have to ask for a thing (you would be checked on more than once), your server wasn’t worried about bringing the desert and check, instead she was clearing the dishes while half the party was leaving because they got tired of waiting, and you don’t bring ice cream in a doggie bag in Florida! (part of a brownie al a mode).

That’s my blowing off steam at Red Lobster! I won’t be going back. I know of plenty of really good seafood restaurants that rate “Good Seafood At A Good Price!”


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