It’s Been Five Months, How Are We?

What’s happened since late September? I have been through HELL! I went through three chemo treatments, and with each of them, the oncologist had to change the drugs because I would have some kind of allergic reaction and it would end up flaring up into a massive infection and I would end up so sick, to the hospital I would go! So we switched over to radiation and I went through 18 treatments in my left hip and femer and then 15 treatments in my right hip. Everyday back and forth to the doctors office’s radiation department. This was to stop the progression of the cancer and to ease the pain. It worked with minimal side effects. But shortly after, I caught a tiny cold that turned into pneumonia overnight and landed in the hospital right before Christmas. I got out of the hospital and within a week I got cellulitis in both legs and back to the hospital I went to bring in the new year! I’ve had my right lung drained three times. The last time was this past week and they put a tube in my side so I can empty out the fluid myself.  So now I am recouperating again. Everytime I get to feeling good, I end up having to have something fixed and I have to start all over again.

I’m still making soap, though! I’m only able to make melt and pour soap but it gives me a chance to make new things. Like our new Monkey Farts Fruity Scented “Poop”!


My youngest grandchild just loved these, before I put the eyes on them, he was just a giggling. He told me, “Mimi, these look like poop!” (Carrying one around).





Our new line of soap and bath products is a hit! “Ali“! Dragon’s Blood And Frankincense & Myrrh. It’s a earthy and spicy scent yet sensual and alluring. Right now the soap is on Ebay and the After Bath Body Oil Spray will be out soon!


So I keep plugging along and so does Beyond The Porch, LLC. My medicine for my soul that keeps me feeling like I’m doing something wothwile and meanful. Besides the website you can find us on ebay at



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