Patchouli, Love it, Or Hate it

Ahhhhh, back to the 70’s! The fragrant musky smell of patchouli. I just love it! And when a customer requests a soap made with the fragrant smell of Patchouli I am on it! For some reason Patchouli is one of those essential oils that people just are adamant that they hate it completely, or they love it whole heartedly. There is no middle ground. I can mix it with other fragrances and the people who don’t like it pick it up and say “Is that Patchouli?” And they put it down, and they are finished! It is very odd that a fragrance is so very strong that people are so strong-minded about this fragrance. I would really like to get feedback on if you  like it , or not? I’m very curious as to DSC09287were people stand this year. Every year people’s sense change. Let me know in comments what your preference is, because, guess what? I just made a batch of Patchouli and Oatmeal for a customer and female at that! She is a lover of straight Patchouli, but I added a touch of Rustic Woods to make the fragrance a little deeper and it smells divine!


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