One Of My First And Favorite Soap Recipes: Basic Cold Process Soap Recipe

DSC08162If this is one of your first cold process soap recipes don’t worry about your fat content, super fat, and all of that soap jargon for now, you’ll have plenty of time for it. You can drive yourself crazy trying to learn everything at once. It took me a good year to feel comfortable with soap jargon and recipes to be able to right my own and to know what oil and butters do what and you will be learning for the rest of your soap career, so don’t sweat it now, it will come to you a little at a time. Make sure you know all the safety precautions before you start! You can’t mess up on those!! You are working with lye and cannot get around it! Ok lets get started! first always keep white vinigar at arms length! It neutralizes the acid in lye if you get it on your skin, not in your eyes. If you get it in your eyes get to the emergency room right away!! make sure you have safety goggles, long sleeves, long pants, and shoes. Gloves are needed for when you are working with lye and when it is mixed with the oils.


Makes about 3 lbs>patch= 10″ mold loaf

12 oz distilled water

5.2 oz Sodium Hydroxide (Lye)

12 oz. Coconut Oil

12 oz Palm Oil (Sustainable}

12 oz Olive Oil

1 1/2 to 2 oz essential oils of your choice

In a well ventilated area make sure you also have plastic big spoons for mixing, spatula, I use painter buckets you can get at Home Depot or Lowes in 2 qt. size and 4 qt. size without handles, plastic measuring spoons, a digital scale that zero’s out, calculator, your water needs to be distilled.

Make all of your measurements by weight not by measuring! You want to add your lye into the water not the other way around. Use a big spoon and stir until the water is clear, you should have your air vent on over your range to suck up all the fumes and a fan going also. Set it aside while you mix your oils. Your palm and coconut oils are called solid oils in that they need to be melted because there melting point is at 76 degrees. Measure out your oils then place each in microwave and warm until melted and around 110 degrees. Don’t go crazy trying to make the oils exact. Pour all the oils together in one of the bigger buckets. Put your stick blender in the oils and now your going to pour the lye water into the oil using the stick blender to keep the bubbles down. Once you have the lye water in the oil start your blender and do shorter spirits instead of super long ones and go in a circle. his gives you a more even disbursement of the blender blade. Keep going until you get a light trace. The batter will stick onto the blender and you will be able to make designs in it too. Now is the time to add in your fragrance you chose and stir in well. Next is to add any color, you can add one color and make it simple or add several by dividing up the batter. To make it multi colored, pour the batter into a couple of the buckets and add a couple of teaspoons of mica color with a tablespoon of light oil mixed together. Add it into the batter and stir until mixed thoroughly. Start pouring each of the colors into the mold however you would like, use your imagination. Make stripes switching out the colors each time and when you get to the top use a skewer and go in the opposite direction and run it up and down. You’ll be surprise at the great design you get. When your done, spray the top with 90% rubbing alcohol and then tent over the top and leave it to cure for at least 24 to 48 hours. You’ll be able to tell when it is dry enough to unmold. It will slip right out when it is done. Then slice with a miter box for soap or a soap cutter. And that is how you make soap.  This was a long in-depth how to for a beginner so all of you who have experience this was long, so hang tight I’ll have some wing dingers for you!



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