My Life As A Chandler

What is a Chandler? Well, that’s me! lol. No really, a chandler is a person who makes candles and soaps. I never new this but I found out when I was looking for another word for soap maker. So I think I’ll use the Chandler, I like it!.

My soap making started 5 years ago and I have mastered several techniques that have helped my business to grow over the years. I use to make all of the really fancy swirls and things like that but found that people picked the soap up and said,”Oh, how pretty, I’ll never use it because I’m afraid of ruining it.” and they put the soap right back down. Only a handful of people would buy it for decoration. So now I make what I call utility soap. Soap that has a purpose and does something, i.e. oatmeal and honey for dry skin, activated charcoal and tea tree for acne, cooling soaps with peppermint and menthol DSC09025 (1)for those who work outside and really need that cool shower. Soaps like this are what people are wanting. Soaps that don’t contain all of those chemicals so it lasts 3-5 years on the shelve and a soap that will leave your skin moisturized and clean. If you would like to see more of our soaps go to


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