The Journey Begins

Thanks for joining us! I have been out sick and in the hospital and then a month of tests, I should glow in the dark by now, lol. I have blood clots in my legs and lungs so now I will be on blood thinners for I don’t know how long. When they did the CT scan they found a small mass in my right upper lobe of my lung and yes it is cancer. Had I not gone to California to see my middle daughter and gotten the blood clots they would not have found it and years would have gone by and when symptoms finally showed up it would have been to late. My Oncologist told me, ” You do nothing, you’ll be dead in 5 years.” “What?” Did I hear him right? I had just gone to the hospital because I thought I had cracked a rib maybe sleep walking and didn’t remember. Now I’m facing life and death! Anyway Tuesday is now a little over 24 hours away, it has been he longest month I can remember. I did one craft show and had the help of one of my granddaughters and didn’t make it all day. I made soap for the first time this past Friday and I think I’m paying for it now. I’m suppose to do a craft show this Saturday and I hope it’s cooler and pain is less. The blood clots are very painful. I suppose I’m in for an uphill climb.





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